Our highly skilled team can will take the time to learn more about your business, and deliver a compelling commercial that will get your business the attention it deserves.

Our services include:

– Custom Video Design

– Video Marketing

– Video Animation

– Remarketing

– Facebook Advertising

– And more…


Our Video Ranking services:

We will rank your video through a combination of proven techniques, based on our  years of experience and promoting hundreds of videos.

– High retention views
– Likes & Favorites
– Quality Backlinks
– Video Optimization
– Title & description optimization
– Secret Techniques!

STEP 1: Analyzing your video & competition:

In step 1 we will analyze your video and your direct & indirect competition, to determine what your video needs to get a better ranking.
We will also do a detailed keyword research & make you title/description & tag suggestions. This analysis is the foundation of the second step, where we will take direct action to rank your video.
STEP 2: Taking action:

In step 2 we will be sending you the right (based on our analysis from step 1) amount of high retention views, likes, backlinks & social signals to rank your video. Apart from this, we also have a couple of secret techniques, we can’t share here, that will give your video the best chance for a top ranking int its category.
After a couple of days your video will be getting more natural views, because it will show up higher in the YouTube search results and as a related video on other YouTube video pages. On average videos see a 500% increase in natural views after using our service, depending on the category and the available public.
High Retention Views:

We can send over 100.000 worldwide high retentions views daily to any of your videos. These are REAL people watching your video, no fake low quality views! All our views are high retention views, which means that the viewer will watch at least 60% of your video. All the views will be dripfed, this means that they will be spread over a couple of days.

Likes & Favorites:

We have a unique system setup in which we can send 7000+ likes to any video. These likes will come from real people. No fake accounts like many other sellers! High retention views in combination with the right amount of likes is the key to YouTube success! All the likes will be dripfed, this means that they will be spread over a couple of days.

Title, Keyword & tags analysis:

We will analyze your video title & description and make you suggestions to make it rank higher. We do this by analyzing the top ranking videos in your category. A carefully chosen title and description is still one of the most important ranking factors!

Link building campaign:

We have custom software to create up to 100.000 related links, all pointing to your video(s). Since Google bought YouTube back in 2006 this is one of the most important ranking factors. The more related links that point to your video(s), the higher it will rank!

Social Signals:

We will send a variety of social signals to your video. We have access to hundreds of REAL twitter, Stumbleupon, Google, Pinterest & Facebook accounts. These social signals will show YouTube that your viewers think your video is worth sharing, and YouTube will rank it higher. Social signals are a very powerful weapon in the YouTube ranking algorithm!

Our Secret Ranking techniques:

These are all pretty evident methods to make a video rank higher in the search results and in the related videos section, but we also have a couple of secret techniques that we can only share with our clients. These techniques are unique, highly effective and can’t be found anywhere else!