Requirement For Double Your Money Back Guarantee

Requirement For Ranking Package Double Your Money Back Guarantee

Refund Policy
Full refunds for video production are only made if requested within 24 hours of payment.  After that time period it is assumed that work has already commenced.  Once work commenced, no refund will be made. Darkam Enterprises LLC ( does reserve the right to give partial refunds under special circumstances and only at the full discretion of Darkam Enterprises LLC.  Administrative fees will also apply for work already done. Payment in full or of deposit reflects your agreement on these terms and conditions.

All questions about refunds with regards to your purchase of our video ranking package, including a detailed explanation of why you wish to cancel your order must be sent from our support page. Please understand that no one can predict where your video will rank on SERP but by purchasing our video SEO package you will have a great chance of ranking for low to medium competition keywords.  Our double your money back guarantee only applies if you have maintain our video SEO package for at a minimum of 90 days and you do not see an improvement in the rankings of at least one of your chosen low to medium competition keywords. If we have failed to deliver noticeable improvement for your low to medium competition video keyword then please headline your ticket with “Cancellation Of Video SEO Ranking Package Request”. We will review your request within 72 hours. In order once your refund has been approved, we will issue a full refund on your account. 

Due to the nature of our products, only valid claims for refunds shall be considered. This policy is not intended to provide users with a free trial. Please review the items on our website carefully before making a purchase. As with all in-store purchases, it is the customers’ responsibility to determine whether the product is appropriate for them before purchasing the product. We reserve the right to refuse any refund request, at our own discretion, should we determine that a customer is not providing valid grounds for a refund or is abusing our money back guarantee policy.

 Return policy is void in cases of fraudulent activity. Fraudulent returns are considered stolen property and a violation of US and International Copyright laws. We reserve the right to notify appropriate parties and credit agencies in such case.