Common myths about Video Marketing

Video is the new and emerging concept of bringing your perspective audience to your business. It is the fastest growing content media marketing methodology. As the popularity of anything increases, misconceptions about it also increase.

There are various prevailing myths about video marketing. These myths or misconceptions may sometimes be misleading. Here´s a list of some such myths:

MYTH #1: Video is meant for lead generation.

Truth: Lead generation is one of the purpose of placing or using video on your webpages. It is used for educating people about your products or services. Videos are helpful in eliminating doubts about your products and services offered and it adds credibility as well. Instead of focusing alone on lead generation, create a video campaign that serves other business goals also.

MYTH #2: Higher VIEWS means higher SUCCESS.

Truth: Higher views doesn´t mean that you will be receiving higher success rate for the video. The thing which matters the most is what your viewers do after watching the video. Through video, they should be redirected towards your website and help you in attaining your goals. Try to highlight the benefits your viewers will be getting through videos.

MYTH #3: Having video on site will improve its search engine ranking.

Truth: It was true few years back, but now a lot of websites have videos to gain traffic and showcase their services and products. For video to deliver results, your video should be actually good. Go for long-term video campaign which is interesting and relevant for your customers.

MYTH #4: Content doesn´t matter when video is good.

Truth: Content matters a lot. It helps in engaging the people. Content reflects the image of your product and services. Video with a great content attracts the customers and incentivize them to buy. Content helps in building brand image through video and redirect your prospective customer to the landing pages.

MYTH #5: Smaller is better.

Truth: Short and sweet is not always true especially in the case of video marketing. To satisfy all the needs of your previous customers who are visiting you again, make longer videos which gives detailed information of your products and services.

These myths and truths behind them will help you in creating good video marketing campaign. Great video marketing requires time commitment and effective resources to drive in customers to your webpage.

Increasing customer base with help of Explainer videos

With tremendous growth in internet users, the way people shop has transformed. Before buying anything or availing any services, people prefer to obtain detailed information about it through internet. Whether you have an offline or online business, people want to know about your products and services online.

Explainer video is the solution for the above problem. An explainer video is a short clip that gives complete introduction and description of your brand, products or services. These videos are created using actors, motion graphics and illustrations which are simply animated.

Videos play an important role in building customer base for businesses. It also helps in building brand image for the business by increasing credibility. Following are the ways that helps in increasing customer base through explainer videos:

Engages the audience

People usually get attracted towards visual content as compared to written copies. Explainer videos give detailed information about brand, products and services that engages the targeted audience. An explainer video engages the audience immediately.

Easy to understand

Written content can be interpreted in a lot of ways by your target audience which can deviate them from coming to your website or brand. There are also chances that your targeted audience may miss out some important selling points. Explainer videos mitigates this issue. They convey your message perfectly.

Generate high traffic

Explainer videos engage the viewers to stay on the site for a longer time and reduce bounce rates. When viewers watch the complete video, then they are most likely to move forward for the next step. This helps in bringing traffic over the website.

Easy to share

Explainer videos are highly engaging and humorous, because of which, probability of people sharing them is high. Explainer videos are easily shared on social media which increase the chances of increasing customer base and sales.
Increasing customer base is a difficult job as compared to promoting and marketing your brand. Many businesses doesn´t go for enhancing customer base. If done in proper manner, this provides long term benefits to the business in terms of brand recognition and profits.

Tips to create branding videos

“Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points.”

– Jonah Sachs

Power of videos in brand building and promotion is still unmatched to other marketing tactics. Video is not only the platform that improves the status of the company, but it also help in building brand credibility.

For building brand image, branding videos are the best option if implemented appropriately. Here are certain tips to create branding videos:

Have a realistic goal

While setting your goals, the first and foremost thing to decide is why you are making video; is it for brand awareness, promotion or demonstrating products or services. Once this is decided, stress on the value it´s going to deliver to audience. Set the goal which is realistic and meet all business demands.

Use colors to increase brand engagement

Colors are very essential for increasing brand engagement through branding videos. People should recognize your brand through logo and the videos whenever they come across these on the internet. While creating branding videos, make sure that you use the brand colors efficiently in the video in form of animation, background, props and characters. Use colors properly as it will help in growing brand awareness.

Bring your characters to life

To have an influential branding video, animations used in it should be really outstanding. Don´t underestimate the effect of animation. Livelier your animation is, more will be the chances of attracting audience. A lively animated video would easily engage your targeted audience and they will stay there for more time.

Keep it crisp and short

Longer format videos have high drop off rates as compared to short videos. People start losing their interest if the video is extra-long. Brands should create videos that are short but highly engaging and contains complete information about the products and services.

Visualized storytelling is the effective way of engaging target audience and to build brand credibility and trust. A successful video needs to be produced professionally. This means that the process of video making should be followed or done professionally and properly.