Vidsales Rankup Video Marketing Services

Video is a great way to generate more traffic and more local business.  A video ranked at the top of Google, runs 24/7 – every day of the year – promoting your business to the local market.

Videos are easier to rank than websites (Google owns YouTube)

Videos are far more captivating, engaging & more memorable than words alone

And, as a result, they produce a higher response rate – generating more business

Our Videosales Rankup  program can be used by ANY Business in ANY city (or state)

You pay for results only – there are no bidding wars – no worry about false clicks

With Video SEO Warrior Rankup service you always know what your campaign cost is – no surprises

We offer exclusivity for your SPECIFIC keywords in your city

There is no contract – you can cancel at any time.

Here’s how it works. Give us as many keywords as you like (minimum 10) – with any mix of Qualified Local Keywords or Local Keywords –  and we’ll go to work getting a video ranked for these keywords.

You ONLY pay if we are successful. You will need to pay for the service be billed a Ranking Fee for each keyword that we rank on Page 1 or Page 2 of the Google Search. If we do not get a keyword ranked on page 1 or Page 2 – you pay nothing for that keyword!

Page 1 results are billed at the rate $1997.00 per month and are based on the number of active keywords in your campaign.

Rankings are tracked monthly on the 14th, 15th or 16th of the month and a report will be sent to you along with an invoice for the Ranking Fees.

Qualified Local Keyword is any phrase consisting of 1 or more words + a city (or state) + a qualifier (see list of common qualifiers below)

Local Keyword is any keyword phrase consisting of 2 or more words + a city (or state)

RECOMMENDED CAMPAIGN – If you think you have the Best Hair Salon in Town, or you’re the Top DUI Attorney or you offer Affordable Glass Repair or sell the Cheapest Auto Insurance. Great. Make sure to use this type of Qualified Local Keyword in your campaign.  As these Qualified Local Keywords are much easier to get ranked –  you’ll get to the top of Google VERY quickly and start generating traffic – almost instantly.  We recommend a mix of both Qualified Local Keywords and Local Keywords for a well rounded campaign.